Month: May 2021

Captain Jedediah Randall

Panama Deployment This Memorial Day, retired Air Force fighter pilot Jay Waitte honors the local Union Army soldiers who died to preserve that Union. Union officer with 26th Regimental flag. Captain Jedediah Randall Next to Broadway … Read More

Just Cause Banner

Panama Deployment Retired Air Force fighter pilot Jay Waitte recalls his experiences during the U.S. confrontation with Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. Two of Our Guys Are Missing I was deployed to Panama in 1989 as a … Read More

Military Mom with daughter doing a watercolor painting

Happy Mother’s Day! Female soldier with daughter drawing with watercolor paint The draft ended in 1973, at which time only 2 percent of enlisted forces were women. Today women make up 16 percent of active-duty members, … Read More

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