BG-CT Edward J. Waitte (RET)

2014 Subase New London Adopt a Sailor Thanksgiving Dinner Facebook Posting

A retired Air Force pilot describes how, whether it’s in New England or the Middle East, our extended military families gather to celebrate their blessings. Happy Thanksgiving! Back when I was a cadet at the Air … Read More

Edward J Waitte

During the Cold War, the Warsaw Pact would test NATO’s air defense system. NATO’s air defense was set up in four different layers. An air defense identification zone (ADIZ). A buffer zone (BZ). A political border. … Read More

Why Most Airline Pilots are Military Pilots

Continental Flight 1549 has just departed LaGuardia Airport and is climbing over The Bronx. Continental Flight 1549 (calmly): “Mayday mayday mayday. This is Cactus fifteen thirty-nine. Hit birds. We’ve lost thrust on both engines. We’re turning … Read More