Insurance Agents Versus Online Insurance


Agents vs Online InsuranceOnline insurance is a great deal…until you need it!

People ask me, “Jay, why should I use someone like you, instead of staying home in my puffy pants and using something like Esurance or Progressive?” And it’s true. A lot of people – young people especially – are doing all their insurance on their phones.

The problem is that they have no idea what they’re buying. That’s the biggest thing. They aren’t getting the right professional advice.

And then a lot of insurers, even Geico, just give people the minimum policy to keep the premium costs down. I mean, if you’re a homeowner, I’m never going to sell you a $25,000 policy. I’m not even going to quote it. A proper policy is going to be at least $300,000 to $500,000 of coverage. Because if you have an accident and kill someone, $25,000 isn’t going to go very far.

It’s the same thing with property damage. The minimum policy in Connecticut is $25,000. So, if you hit a Mercedes and it’s your fault, $25,000 is not going to come close to covering the damage.

Another thing is that if you do have an incident, and purchased insurance online, all you really have is an 800 number. Granted, a lot of the regular companies also want you to call in. But if you have any problems, I guarantee our agency would help you to get through your difficulties.